Investing with Us

Investing with Milagro Investment & Trade Group translates into transparency towards the projects we are investing in, to keep growth continuous and steady return for our investors.

Since that the traditional saving formulas in Europe and North America do not give more than 1.25% return on Yearly bases, we implement a strategy with direct investment of your Capital into selected projects in various sectors that have high yields returns.

Through this approach we are able to offer our Investors between 5% to 15% return on investment (R.O.I.) on yearly bases depending of the volume of your investment with us.

An investment that you will be able to visit physically, and see what is happening in the day to day operations where your funds are at work and be Confident that your capital is used where growth is maximised.

Future Investment sectors we are scouting

  • Warehouse development close to Int. ports & airports
  • Import / Export supply chain integrations
  • Real estate & Tourism infrastructure
  • Agriculture start-Ups
  • Marine services

Investment Brochure & Application

Feel free to contact us for a personal appointment where will give you our scope of future projects we are developing, and how we work together with our investors to make their Capital to grow in the Emerging Market environment.